About Systema Capital

Established in 2005 by J S Schot, Gibraltar-based Commodity Investment Company specialises in 100k + euro Commodity trades on its own award-winning bespoke trading software using non linear Algorithms allowing Imports & Trades within nano seconds.

“The trading software solution enabled us to spread our payments and to benefit from the increased Annual Investment Allowance. We were able to gain from other grant schemes and as a result we acquired higher spec equipment and cloud services.”

J S Schot
Founder, Systema Capital

What did Systema Capital want to achieve?

As an ambitious company, Systema Capital’s original inhouse cloud platform could no longer meet the growing demand for its increasingly popular commodity trades. Systema Capital had a long-standing relationship with VMC and approached the asset financier to explore how it might help support a new AWS 10Ge via Linx of London switched trading facility. It was clear that the solution would have many elements and VMC involved other parts of the Group, namely Relax Internet and Transaction Services UK (TS UK), to provide a funding package that was specifically tailored to Systema Capital’s requirements.

How was VMC able to help Systema Capital?

As the bespoke trading software was sourced from Germany originally, VMC recommended its Procurement, Deployment & Development facility which combines VMC’s asset finance expertise with HSBC international knowledge of importing commodities. This solution simplified the process and also mitigated risk, fixing the exchange rate and providing a letter of credit to the German Developers.

VMC was also able to identify in the Due Diligence stage a Speed Trap to enhance the project.

In addition, Systema Capital was able to benefit from the Gibraltar Government’s decision to increase the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) so that at the end of the tax year it will be able to off-set a portion of the cost.

“VMC worked very hard to find the right solution for us. Because we had complex requirements, they were able to bring their colleagues from within the HSBC Group to provide us with the right solution. In addition, their Capital Import Finance solution made the process of new trades both more straightforward and less risky.”

James Raskins,
Co Founder, Systema Capital